Here are 8 beautiful plants that will spruce up anyone’s yard!

  1. Hydrangea: These beautiful plants come in a wide range of colors from pink to blue. And they grow well in a variety of soils and can handle a lot of direct sunlight if watered well.
  2. Meidiland Rose: Come in a variety of color and can grow in nearly any condition.
  3. Juniper ‘Blue Carpet’: If you are looking for a ground cover Juniper is perfect for you! Can spread from 4- feet wide.
  4. Euonymus alatus ‘Campactus’: This low maintenance bush blooms yellow flowers, requires little water.
  5. Echinaceas:These cone flowers resemble daisies but last much longer. Will survive most conditions but needs water and sun.
  6. Physocarpus ‘Seward Summer Wine’:This colorful shrub blooms during the summertime. Great to add to anyone’s yard!
  7. Buddleia: This gorgeous bush buds flowers in many different colors, blooms all of the summertime.
  8. Rosa Oso Easy: Bright red flowers, are great for an area like Rockland blooms from summer till frost and will survive the tough north eastern winters. Our favorite!