It can be confusing to know what flowers to plant and when, so here at Helmke Industries we would like to help you make the right choices so you can have beautiful flowers in your garden for Fall.

Hydrangea: These beautiful plants come in a wide range of colors from pink to blue. And they grow well in a variety of soils and can handle a lot of direct sunlight if watered well.

Meidiland Rose: Come in a variety of color and can grow in nearly any condition.

Juniper ‘Blue Carpet’: If you are looking for a ground cover Juniper is perfect for you! Can spread from 4- feet wide.

Echinaceas: These flowers resemble daisies but last much longer. Will survive most conditions but needs water and sun.

And last but not least our Favorite here at Helmke Industries is a Rosa Oso Easy: Bright red flowers, are great for an area like Rockland blooms from summer till frost and will survive the tough northeastern winters.

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