Residential Landscaping Demarest NJ

Lawn Healthcare Programs:

Annual Program

Early Spring

Fertilization & Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control

Fast & Slow Release

Late Spring

Fertilization & Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control

Broadleaf Weed Control (as needed)



Broadleaf Weed Control (as needed)

Apply Grub Control (as needed)

Late Summer/Early Fall


canstockphoto22030566Broadleaf Weed Control (as needed)

Aerate & Seed

Late Fall

Winter Fertilization for Strong Root Development

Our Most Important Service of the Year

Please call if you see any problems with your lawn so we can take care of it right away.

Helmke Industries Offers:

  • Commercial and Residential Lawn Cutting
  • Landscape Maintenance

With John Helmke as your trusted partner, you’ll have confidence that all your landscape maintenance needs are being met. Helmke monitors the long-term health of your landscape, focusing on cost effective solutions to protect and enhance your investment. Helmke goes above and beyond to provide much more in service and value.

Helmke Industries Maintenance provides:

  • On time and on budget services—our estimating systems precisely determine how many crew members and hours are needed to groom and maintain your property
  • Expert planning processes—we know exactly when to prep, plant, treat and maintain, so your grounds look exceptional year round
  • Regional connections and resources help assure that we can provide the best products at competitive prices.

Helmke Industries

513 Rt 303
Orangeburg NY 10962
Phone: (845) 398-2300
Email: [email protected]