Dear Local Business Owner, Facilities Manager or Purchasing Agent:

Helmke Industries Inc. has successfully managed landscaping and snow plowing for commercial properties in Rockland and Bergen counties since 1958, including New City, NY, Nyack, NY and many other communities.  What property managers get when they hire us is a reliable, professional and cost effective company that will focus on your needs.  Local companies have come to us over five decades because we have a proven track record of success.

Corporate finance managers also love working with us because our pricing is straight-forward, fair and competitive.  Let us show you how your company can save money and maintain your professional landscape.

  • Reliable and professional – building corporate confidence since 1958
  • Fair and competitive – budget friendly pricing
  • Responsive to each property’s unique needs
  • Full service construction and maintenance services available

Please let us know the best way to submit a bid on your 2016-2017 landscaping and snow plowing.  You can reach us by phone 845-398-2300 or by email [email protected].

Please visit our website for more information about our company, products and services.


John Helmke, President