Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

Why should you buy an outdoor kitchen? If you enjoy outdoor cooking and entertaining, you should consider taking it to the next level and put in an outdoor kitchen. Whether you just want to spend more time outdoors or entertain friends and family, building an outdoor kitchen is a great way to enhance your outdoor experience.  Helmke Industries can help you build the outdoor living space that is right for you.  Here’s some great reasons to consider building an outdoor kitchen for your home.


1. Great Way to Entertain

  • The #1 benefit of owning an outdoor kitchen is you’ll have more fun entertaining.  Grill up delicious food at home rather than ordering takeout from a restaurant for family gatherings. Plus, everybody loves hanging out by the grill to see what’s cooking.


  • Outdoor kitchens are much more than a place to put the BBQ grill. You can build up your whole outdoor area around the kitchen, adding patio furniture, patio heaters, and much more to create a comfortable outdoor paradise. It’s all up to you and your entertaining and cooking preferences.


2. Adds Value to Your Home

  • Great investment – Outdoor kitchens have a high rate of return on investment when compared with other outdoor home improvement projects.


  • If your outdoor kitchen is made with quality materials and components, it will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Most BBQ grills and outdoor appliances are made with stainless steel and designed to withstand tough weather environments.


  • Nothing else looks more appealing in a backyard than a complete, functional outdoor kitchen. It will become an investment you’ll be proud to show off to friends and family.


3. Makes Cooking Easier

  • Cooking outside keeps your home from getting filled with smoke and keeps your kitchen cool. Cooking outside eliminates lingering odors in your house, especially seafood.


  • Without the extra heat associated with indoor cooking, your home’s AC won’t be running constantly to keep the house cool which can lead to lower utility costs.


  • Most outdoor kitchens include refrigerators, ice makers, side burners, and other components. Everything you need is conveniently outside, which saves you time and eliminates trips in & out of the house.


4. Extends the Living Space of Your Home

  • Build an island around a grill in your backyard and you’ll increase the amount of living space that the whole family can enjoy.


  • If you build under an existing patio or add a roof to your outdoor kitchen, it can even be used during inclement weather.


  • An outdoor kitchen will become the place where memories are made. Holidays, birthdays, and special events will be more memorable when everyone is gathered around the patio instead of indoors.


5. Healthy Cooking

  • Grilled food is tasty, less greasy, and better for you than nearly any other cooking option.


  • The high heat of a grill also helps food retain moisture and creates flavors different from indoor kitchens.


  • If you have special dietary requirements or food allergies, you can control exactly what goes into the food as well, a luxury you don’t always have when eating out.


  • Cooking at home is more healthy than eating out at restaurants – because restaurants add large amounts of butter, salt, and oils to your food to make it taste better. Grilling at home using simple rubs and marinades can be healthy and delicious!


Inexpensive Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Building an outdoor kitchen on a budget doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style or function.

Outdoor kitchens are known for being expensive. Factor in durable, weather-resistant materials, quality appliances and electrical and plumbing installation and you may feel like you’re tackling a full kitchen renovation.

Extend your living and entertaining space with an outdoor kitchen that suits your lifestyle needs.

But before you get bogged down by the costs, there are a variety of simple (and inexpensive) ways to create an outdoor entertainment center without breaking the bank.

Outdoor kitchens are more than just an oversized grill on a patio. They can be outfitted with fridges, stoves, pizza ovens and ice machines, and almost all are accompanied by seating and dining areas, too. Outdoor kitchens allow you to prepare meals and chat with your guests, without having to run back inside for plates, beverages or grilling gadgets every other minute.

Helmke Industries can help you with any of the following ideas:

  1. Pizza Oven: With a grill and a wood fired pizza oven, no one at your house will go hungry. Take some storage and organization tips from this space as well, like built-in trash cans and baskets to hold napkins, glasses and cleaning supplies.
  2. Outdoor Dining: A poolside dining space with a ceiling fan gets the air moving, keeps the kitchen cool and ensures the outdoor party continues all day long.
  3. Top Deck Kitchen: Before building a kitchen on an existing deck, make sure it’s structurally strong enough to support the additional weight. If it’s in the open air, choose surfaces like stainless steel, stone, slate, or tile to be sure it will withstand all kinds of weather.
  4. Fresh Flavors: If you don’t have a full garden in your backyard, surround your outdoor kitchen with potted herbs, tomatoes and peppers for delicious, ready-to-pick ingredients.
  5. Simply Elegant: Outdoor kitchens don’t have to be a grand or expensive undertaking. This little outdoor cooking area only needs one wall worth of space, but has everything you need to cook and lots of counter space for prep work.
  6. Modern Lines: Before you build your kitchen, think about the kinds of cooking surfaces you’ll want to use, such as a stand-alone range or a smoking grill. A built-in niche provides a convenient place to tuck a smoking grill when it’s not in use, and shields it from harsh weather.      7. Shady Cooking: A bit of shade can make cooking over the grill much more bearable. This airy portico gives the illusion of an enclosed, private space while still allowing for lots of light and breeze.              By Paul Cerise,