When you think of your outdoor oasis, your lawn is the last thing on your mind, that is until the grass does not look good. Then you get puzzled at what to do, especially as this Summer heat has been extreme and your lawn is burnt! Here at Helmke Industries we want you to have your perfect outdoor area, so we want to give you some information on how to help your grass be the perfect lawn for you.

Late August is the best time for growing grass. The cool nights are coming which bring a heavy due and regular rainfall is back. Now is the time to groom your lawn for beautiful growth for Spring time. With all these patterns changing it will take grass until November to fully mature and get established. However, watering to keep the seed moist in the meantime will give you the best germination.

Here are a few tips on what you can do to get the optimum lawn.

1. Continue to Mow. Grass will continue to grow until the frost hits. Always remember if you look after your lawn yourself to make sure your equipment is cared for and winterized. There is nothing worse than getting ready for Spring time and your mower won’t work.

2. Water! Water! Water! With the rain becoming more frequent and the temperature begins to reduce your grass will start to get plenty of natural moisture but you need to keep in mind if your grass is not getting at least one inch of rain per week, you should water it.

3. Rake Them Leaves! Although the colors of the leaves are beautiful and there is nothing better than hearing the crunch as you walk through the lawn, they actually block out the sunlight and prevent optimum growth.

4. Aeration. Your lawn has suffered from compaction and heat stress over the last couple of months, which could be the cause of the thinned and brown grass. With Aeration you remove soil plugs to free up passages for rich nutrients to reach down to the grass root. This process would help you get the best out of your lawn for Spring time.

5. Fertilizer. You will need a nitrogen rich fertilizer for a healthier looking lawn. The best time for this is now! This process gives your lawn all the nutrients it needs and will grow stronger for Spring.

6. Seed! Seed! Seed! After the summer weather your lawn has patches of grass which have unfortunately died. It is a good idea to seed these areas so that your lawn looks complete.

The most important thing to do is keep a tight schedule. If you do any of the above too close to winter than the soil won’t take in all the nutrients. You need a strict Fall lawn care schedule for the perfect Spring lawn. Also remember to keep up an eye on pests in your grass, you may need apply pesticide.

If you would like us to come to your property to give you a free quote on any of the above services give Helmke Industries a call and we will be happy to help on 845-398 2300!