Helmke Industries would like to offer a few tips to help homeowners who want to storm-proof their property – including preparing for the possibility of hurricane Mathew passing through Bergen County, NJ or Rockland County, NY.

The high winds that accompany with hurricanes can cause significant property damage.  Trees or tree limbs can fall on decks, pools, roofs or cars. The key to minimizing your risk against property damage is to prepare ahead of time. It’s a good idea to have your property assessed to remove dead or dangerous trees or limbs before and storm hits.

Tree pruning is critical to protecting your home and property

While a healthy and deep-rooted tree may not fall during a potential hurricane, weak limbs in the canopy may very well be a danger. Dead, damaged and broken limbs can be torn from trees by high winds and heavy rain during a storm.  These limbs are heavy and can cause a lot of damage when flying down from above.

Trees with thick canopies should be pruned frequently (every 2-3 years) by a professional, especially during hurricane season. Proper pruning eliminates dead or drying branches which are most vulnerable to wind.

Consistent pruning during a development of trees should create a strong, well-spaced framework of healthy branches with an open canopy that permits air to flow through it. It is important for a tree to have a dominant leader with no thin forks or branches that leave the trunk at an severe angle. Limb crotches should be between 45 and 90 degrees.

Whether you live in Pearl River, Nyack, Tappan, New City, NY or vicinity,

  • These are the types of trees that you should watch out for as a homeowner: 
  • Dead or dying trees
  • Trees with dense canopies
  • Trees with co-dominant trunks
  • New plantings and young trees

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After any potential tropical storm or high winds have passed,

Assess your property for damage and threats. If you need a chainsaw or ladder to prune away dead, dying or loose branches, power lines are down, you are unsure of the structural stability of a tree, or you do not know if a tree can be saved – please call Helmke Industries.  Do not try to do this work on your own.   Any tree that has sustained damage, been defoliated, broken, or blown over – should be looked at by a professional at Helmke.

Trees have a much better chance of surviving a storm if they receive regular and professional care.  It is important to remember that healthy trees can adjust more quickly to changes in the environment and are more resilient. So if you are preemptive and take the essential steps before a storm hits, you can reduce your risk of property damage — saving yourself a potentially large expense and inconvenience.  Not to mention keeping you and your family safe.  So whether you live in Old Tappan, Rivervale, Saddle River, Montvale, Mahwah, NJ or vicinity, call Helmke for a free estimate (845) 398-2300 or 845-398-2300 or email us [email protected].